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Handicap bathroom with floor heating, body sprays and disability access in Hinsdale

An Overview
Mobility issues affect millions of Americans. According to the CDC, almost 32.7 million Americans suffer from physical limitations that can drastically reduce an individuals ability to care for themselves. This is a somber subject that many would not want to address, but there is at least a small measure of comfort for those in need.

In the Hinsdale region, thanks to Don Lorenc Construction Services, Inc., it has never been easier to secure a bathroom remodel that will provide individuals with limited mobility greater access and comfort for necessary care. Needing a handicapped bathroom remodel or limited access (walker access) bathroom remodel may not be 'good news,' but perhaps knowing that loved ones will have full access to the rest room may bring some solace to those facing difficulties.


Repairing and leveling the garage floor in Glenview without the drain

Our another project involved the renovation of cracked garage floors. The main aspect of the project was to level the floors throughout to prevent the issues of standing water and puddles after storms. The client's budget didn't allow for a complete redo of the slab which would have involved taking out the old concrete and pouring a new slab in its place. Instead we leveled the floor with a slope to the side for proper drainage and we also installed ceramic tiles.



Kitchen remodeling Evanston, IL

Kitchen remodeling evanston

Fabulous kitchens really make the heart of any home. With our experience and expertise, let us help you create a space in your home that offers warmth, comfort, style and efficiency for you and your family to enjoy. Although the amenities and materials for kitchen remodeling are seemingly endless...

Bathroom remodeling Evanston, IL

Bathroom remodeling evanston

Aside from the utility of a bathroom, this important area should be a private retreat to revitalize your mind and body each and every day. We help you make this space unique, reflecting your personality Our crew can show you all the details you need for hardware, cabinetry, storage and mirror solutions...

Basement remodeling Evanston, IL

Basement remodeling contractors evanston

Maximize the enjoyment of your home's space and add to its value by finishing or fully remodeling basement. This gives you added living space to enhance the quality of your family life and add enjoyment to your home. We can help you transform this often under-utilized area into an exercise room...

Room Additions Evanston, IL

Room Additions remodeling companies evanston

This family room addition has loads of perceived space, due to the vaulted ceiling, large number of windows, French door, and the choice of neutral paint color to further reflect light. Distressed exposed beams lend character to this family room.

Commercials Evanston, IL

Commercials remodeling contractors evanston

If you own or manage commercial office or industrial space, we can work with you on commercial construction projects including renovation, build-outs and tenant improvements. Let us assist you in maximizing the value of your commercial property and keep it attractive to tenants.

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