Handicap bathroom with floor heating, body sprays and disability access in Hinsdale

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Handicap bathroom with floor heating, body sprays and disability access in Hinsdale

An Overview
Mobility issues affect millions of Americans. According to the CDC, almost 32.7 million Americans suffer from physical limitations that can drastically reduce an individuals ability to care for themselves. This is a somber subject that many would not want to address, but there is at least a small measure of comfort for those in need.

In the Hinsdale region, thanks to Don Lorenc Construction Services, Inc., it has never been easier to secure a bathroom remodel that will provide individuals with limited mobility greater access and comfort for necessary care. Needing a handicapped bathroom remodel or limited access (walker access) bathroom remodel may not be 'good news,' but perhaps knowing that loved ones will have full access to the rest room may bring some solace to those facing difficulties.

We offer easy, viable solutions for an upgraded bathroom that can accommodate those with a disability. Walker access to the facilities or the shower are installed securely by trained professionals with experience and knowledge. We will work with homeowners to design, implement and finish a stunningly attractive bathroom that affords comfort, access and convenience. Our contractors will craft a bathroom that guarantees all individuals the dignity of self-sufficiency for restroom related issues.
Our Service
Operating with a keen eyes and a detail-oriented approach, our team will work with homeowners to produce a handicap accessible bathroom remodel. We specialize in remodeling bathrooms with disability access, and our services are readily available.

Toilet access will be vastly improved. Our team will implement firmly secured braces that will withstand any weight requirement necessary. By adjusting the height of the toilet to ease access, we create optimized conditions for walker access in the bathroom.

Handicap bathroom with floor heating,
 body sprays and disability access in Hinsdale.

The disability or handicap remodel will involve recreating the shower experience. Remodeling the shower starts with radically redesigning it. First, the floor will be leveled to be flush with the ground, so a walker could easily gain access into the new shower stall. With no lips, height or elevation changes, any and all walkers will roll comfortably in. 

With all these changes, a new water dispensation method is advised. We have found that replacing the traditional shower-head with a body-spray system works yields substantial improvements.

Handicap bathroom with floor heating,
 body sprays and disability access in Hinsdale.

The gentle body spray system reaches a far greater surface area of the body, which makes efficient cleaning much easier. The body spray requires substantially less movement for adequate body coverage, ensuring that mobility challenged individuals can safely shower while limiting their physical requirements to do so.


Don Lorenc Construction Services, Inc. can build a handicap disability bathroom with upgraded features and amenities. Our team is fully trained to install the a heating system, a unique mechanism that will produce a gentle underfloor heating effect. Handicap bathroom with floor heating,
 body sprays and disability access in Hinsdale.A homeowner could upgrade bathrooms with heated floors and additional features, such as an air-flow system that will heat and dry towels or warm up a carpet. The option to warm up your bathroom with heated floors is quite popular. The heated bathroom floor is a very nice luxury to have for a handicap accessible bathroom. 

These optional upgrades will provide the bathroom with a far more comfortable bathroom environment. Everyone spends time in the restroom, and individuals with mobility issues are likely to spend more time than most. Simple comforts like a heated floor can make a very large and positive impact for those in need of assistance, or those who merely want a warmer trip to the bathroom in the morning.

Fit and Finish: A Glamorous Aesthetic
While we strive to make remodel your bathroom to better facilitate function and usefulness, we take great pride in our work. We do not merely adjust a few things in your bathroom to make it more handicapped accessible, we remodel it using the finest materials and highest quality products. 

Our remodeled bathrooms are finished with the highest quality ceramic tiles. We have an extensive tile selection for a homeowner to choose from, and our entire line is comprised of high quality tile that will clean easily, last reliably and shine brilliantly.

The durability and strength of the wall tiles is always an issue, especially after remodeling. Our team of knowledgeable professionals use RedGard Waterproofing and Crack Prevention membrane to protect your wall tiles from any leaks, cracks or potential issues. This simple addition will ensure the integrity of your wall tiles for years after installation. This built-to-last wall will look as good, if not better, than any other tiled walls in Hinsdale. 

We use the Schulters system to create brilliant, seamless lines and an engaging finish. This ensures the transition from floor to wall and wall to ceiling will be fluid and nearly invisible. 
That is the kind of attention to detail that our team uses. At Don Lorenc Construction Services, Inc. we use the highest standards of aesthetic technique in remodeling a bathroom.

Disability Bathroom Remodeling: A Review
Mobility issues are a serious concern and we would not want to make light of any physical ailments homeowners may have to deal with. Our goal at Don Lorenc Construction Services, Inc. is to remodel a bathroom into a functional yet beautiful space to accommodate anyone with physical limitations.
Don Lorenc Construction Services, Inc. is committed to remodeling your bathroom to handicap accessible standards, all while giving it a gorgeous look, functional utility, comfort and amenities. When we're finished with it, the special needs bathroom will be the most pleasant bathroom in your home, or any other home in the Hinsdale region.

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